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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Been thinking...about Cataclysm

I realize we all wander off in thought as to what "could" happen in Cataclysm. Some things have been confirmed, some things rumored about. Some things that I had hoped for all these years are happening. Like the Greymane Wall. Yeah bitches!!! Its'a coming DOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN!!!


Anyways, there are a few other things but I was thinking just the other day about other things, like Eversong Woods...and Silvermoon. And Ghostlands. It has been confirmed that starting zones are changing, and also that the Plaguelands are being revitalized. On that note let's start with bout some love? The Blackened Woods as it was called before the Ghostlands (for obvious reasons)need some revitalizing. We kicked Dar'khan's ass all over Deatholme, why not? We kicked the Stay Puft Twins (Knucklehead and Lulu) asses all over there, why not? We retrieved Sylvanas's locket and had to deal with her very angry dead family up in her spire and her village, why not? We dealt with the Trolls there and over in Zul'Aman, why not? I may not have the exact answer as to what phase that land should be now but Deatholme needs some touch up, that's all I'm saying...

Now, let's turn out attention a bit north...Eversong Woods. The Dead Scar...gotta go, along with all the Mr. Boneses and Rotting Fleshies. Silvermoon, totally needs a repair job. Now, go a bit more north and west.....the Wretched. Seriously...I can't stand to look at them. Those mana crack addicts need help or something. It's bad enough that I have to look at their blue blobs on their backsides, but just imagining if Eus or any of her relatives had to look like that....EWWWWWWWWW.

Now, finally I shall ask for one last act of redemption. For all sane and deserving blood elves out there.

Blizz, this is what I ask:

See this guy right here. Please, go down to the Dead Scar, grab a few rotting fleshies and Mr. Boneses, lock all of them in a room with him. This guy is a jerk. Along with his partygoers.

Case in Point:

What a bitch.

Seriously, here we are, defending our land from zombies and this snooty bitch thinks it's a sport.

For anyone who has done this quest chain or would like to, head to Fairbreeze Village and get the quest to head to Saltheril's Haven. Get his fireworks, his alcohol and his appetizers. Turn it back in and get the invitation. Remember, you must have the invitation in one of your bags in order to speak to the partygoers. Just see what they say. Hmm... maybe when we get done with the scourge on the Dead Scar, they should have to do community service and do some zombie clean up? Fair Enough?

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