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Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

To Ruhtra:

Seven years. Who would've thought we would still be together. We haven't killed each other yet. This is quite an accomplishment. it?

With all joking aside, I love you and hopefully we can still grow old together. Love you and Happy Anniversary!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yes, I know....

I've been a very very very bad blogger. It's been a while but, hey, life happens. Work is crazy. Coming up on the end of season so hopefully it should slow down a bit. Also on the personal front, I'm about to celebrate seven years of marriage with Ruhtra over at Holy Shock. Lastly our son is about to start kindergarten in about three weeks. Excited at the same time but also sad panda-ish. Not being able to see his little dark head peeping around corners, snickering as he causes some kind of Tiny Ruh mischief. /sigh

On the WoW front....lotsagoingons.

I've spent a little bit of time on Argent Dawn but not as much as I would like to be. I leveled Eusy and Nyxalva one more level. That's pretty much it. I am still enjoying the storylines so I do not want to stop playing on there. I'm on a mini-vaca so maybe Tuesday I will devote to AD...but we'll see.

In MAS news:
Our guild, who is strict 10 man progression has downed everything in ICC up to Sindragosa. Took two nights and we kicked the door down and kicked ass as only MAS does.

One super duper thing happened to me just after the first ICC night. Me, Ruh on Popebutch and three other guildies wanted to get a daily random out of the way. We cue up and get HHoR. Instant groan from all. We decided to grin and bear it and I am ever so thankful that we did. As we were taking down the mob just before the second boss, the Battered Hilt dropped. We all agreed to roll need on it. Guess who won.........


(Yeah baby) *cue Carlton Banks dance*

So, after I did the Carlton Banks dance and stopped screaming in vent...I made a decision that would change one of my alts forever. Eus already had Lockjaw and pretty much all my other alts were good on their weapons, except for my dk Itsirhc. So, Eus walked up to her sister, handed the battered hilt over to her and said, "Itsi, do Silvermoon proud." One fist bump and battered hilt later, Itsi was on her way to claim Quel'Dalar. The next day, Itsi tanking as Unholy spec with Frost Presence, along with three other guildies (Whole=tree, Iluvtrees=kitty, Vergaler=rogue) went thru the three ICC 5 mans and reforged the quel'dorei sword. Seeing the Isle phased is a once in a lifetime event, and I ever thankful for all the guildies being there along with me for the journey. As Whole and Iluvtrees were battling the allies outside the Sunwell, Itsi was escorted into the Sunwell and claimed Quel'Dalar for all the children of Silvermoon. Phased or not, it was still funny as hell to see the UI's of those two. Seeing them in combat was hilarious.

On the pvp front, Ruh, Noos, Iluvtrees and of my pvp friends, Roguermon decided to start some pvp trouble Saturday. As I got home I could see them running around so I decided to jump on Lovkinja and run with the boys. I was somewhere else leveling up my fishing and was trying to figure out how I was gonna get to where they were. After summons I found myself outside of Stormwind Stockade. We had some fun there and decided to take the party over to Ironforge. We hung out there for about two hours before they had to get around 20 allies to take us five down.

After rezzing and getting out it was time to head to bed. So I was about to log off when I got a horde whisper from one of the allies, bitching and crying. I laughed at them and told them it took 20 of them for the five of us...who's crying now? Put them on iggy and was about to log again when each of us were getting whispers. I love that. It's pretty childish behavior. Sore losers.

So, was about to make my final attempt again, to log off when we saw Iluvtrees hearthing in the middle of a duel. We laughed at him in vent and started to tease him. He was screaming and panicking because he was not hearthing at all and got knocked offline. The character came back on and we knew at that moment was happened. He had been hacked. Poor Trees changed his password and still kept logging in. Ruh told the person that they were wasting their time because Ruh was downranking Trees and his other toon he has in guild with us. Basically, the hacker was getting nothing from the gbank. Ruh put in a ticket to a GM, who responded back within about 20 minutes. Blizz will be tracking account and locking it down. Trees tried all day today to get in touch with Blizzard Customer Service but they are so busy that they just disconnect. Ruh also told Trees what programs to start running to clean his computer and to search for viruses. Hopefully Blizz gets it straightened out. I told him he also WILL be buying an authenticator. I know what that feeling is like and it is horrible. It bothers you more when it is someone you know and a great guildmate.

So, to sum up this post...

AD=miss you, ICC 10=yay, Quel'Dalar=yay, pvp=fun, all hackers=GO DIAF!