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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Well kids, we've come up on another year gone by. 2010 is just around the corner and today we take this time to remember those we lost, those we've met and look back on all that happened in 2009.

Whether someone treated you wrong, whether someone ninja'd your loot, whether you had guild drama, whether you had terribad fail PuGs,'s a new year! Start anew and always hope for greater things to happen.

Whether you met some great new friends, stood by you in times of need, and you start new endeavors, such as blogs (hehe)... it's a new year! Keep the good times rolling!

Of course, this is also a day where we get drunk off our asses and ring in the new year.

This is also a day where folks make new year's resolutions. I never do. I figure, if I try to improve every day, why should I make make a resolution that may not be achieveable or one that may blow up in my face? Nope. Not doing it. Uh uh. lol

So, whether you are in Times Square waiting for the big ball to drop, whether you are somewhere else around the globe waiting for it to hit midnight, or whether you are playing WoW at the stroke of twelve, wherever you are:

Have fun, keep it safe, don't do anything I wouldn't do because I'm not coming to bail your ass out!

The following is some new year cheer! Photos are courtesy of fellow Daggerspiners (is that a correct term?) who answered the call. Thanks to everyone who came out and hope you had fun for a few!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day after Christmas + Retail=Really Bad Time

And when I mean a really bad time, I mean you just wanna stab someone in the juggular.


This is what happened to your dear ol Eusy the day after Christmas.

Having a pretty normal day when My Asshole Of The Day (maotd) decides to show up and brighten my day. MATOD is returning some blinds that were damamged and I start looking over his receipt. I noticed that he had purchased 7 total, but was returning two. Now, I live in Kentucky, but I can count without using my fingers and toes believe it or not. As I am processing the return, I notice that the two blinds were not on the receipt, but again, there were 7 to begin with. So, using common sense, which was apparently banned sometime ago, I decide to ask MATOD if he remembered if the cashier who rang out the purchases rang each blind separatley or if they just entered a quantity. I was using my brain at that point, thinking that it was just a mistake and there were 5 of one type of blind and 2 of another, but the logic police were coming to arrest me.

And that's when the fun began.

Not only did MATOD curse the entire time, he yelled at me for asking such a logical question (logic police sirens in background). He then proceeded to yell at me because it was his contractor who came to purchase the ticket. My bad. Then he yelled at me because I am obviously a mindreader and could not answer to why the purchase was made that way. Then he proceeds to ask me why HIS contractor bought certain things on his ticket. (HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW YOU STUPID PRICK!!!!!) So, once again, Eusy got her ass reamed out.

Oh, I'm not done yet.

So, I process the return as normal and I asked him if he wanted it credited to his contractor's card or if he would like a store credit so he could get the new blinds he needed. That was the wrong thing to say. He reams me out for that also. So I give him a store credit and as I hand over his card he calls me a "little bitch" and throws a pen at me.

Oh yes, he went there.

Nothing warms my heart than to be cursed at and to be called demeaning names such as that. The only thing that disappointed me was that he didn't have the decency of using Ms or Mrs when he addressed me as one "little bitch".

So, not only are the logic gestapo racing to get me, but so was the Manager I had to call over to get the guy out of there.

So, kids! What did we learn today?

Day after Christmas + Retail=Eusy gotta choke a bitch

God I love my job...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or however you like to celebrate!

Enjoy this time with friends and family and Stay Safe! Al diel shala!

And be good for goodness sake....or be a victim of my blog!!! LOL

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season's Greetings!!!!!!

For your viewing pleasure (, ENJOY!

In all seriousness, have a great holiday, however you celebrate it. Stay safe....or this could happen to you.....Al diel shala!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Still.....continuing to Tis the Season......*sigh*

The reason I am adding this clip onto today's subject is this: I want assassin squirrels and doggies to do my bidding. Hell, they can freaking laser beams on their heads also for all I care. Is that too much to ask?

Case in point....

Thursday: I was at customer service and it was towards the end of my shift (thank goodness) when I had some lady who tried to tap into a really crappy version of 80's Brigitte Nielsen and her contractor. They had a whole cart full of various items and a piece of paper. They were "nicely", and I mean that sarcastically, demanding we price match the items from the piece of paper with and additional percentage more off the price. It was a quote from a local lumber place, which did sell the various items. We called the store, only to find out that their quoted items were special order items and not stocked items. They would have to call the manufacturer to get prices in order to help us price match. Now, Brigitte and company were not only "patient" but so "friendly" and kept running their mouths to both myself and my co-worker. We had to call management into this, in order to get permission to just price match with additional percentage off. They denied the request, they would only price match but that was all. Since they were not willing to continue to wait on the other store to give us an answer, they took our offer of just price matching.

That's when it got even more interesting....

If Brigitte didn't ask once, she asked at least a dozen or more times the same fucking question of why she could not get the additional percentage off. Now, I realize her hair is bleached out the ass, and it's not her natural color, but I think the bleach ate through to her brain, or what little of a peabrain she bad, because it just would not sink in. It's not rocket science.

So, after it appeared that she accepted the fact of the matter, she walks away chatting on her cellphone. Her contractor already walked out the door.

So, one of my direct managers comes over and wanted to know what had just happened. Brigitte is at least 5 aisles away from the customer service area and we are not speaking loud at all, so we told her what happened. After we are finished and we had a few more customers taken care of, Brigitte decides to make her grand finale. I shit you not, she walks up to all three of us, and says the following "I don't care what you think of me, or if you walk about me when I leave here and you can think I'm a pain the ass, but I still just don't understand why I cannot receive the additional off my receipt!" For a split second I didn't know whether to call out Squeakers and Buttercup (squirrel and rottweiler) and give some kill command, or whether to laugh at the bitch. So, my co-worker, who is now pissed but keeps her composure, speaks ever so slowly and explains for the FINAL time why she could not receive it. Then Brigitte, says "oh ok, no problem, I just didn't want to be a pain in the ass." and skips away. My final thought was that it was a little to late for that, but whatever.

I just think those of us out there who have the common sense that God himself gave a rock that we should be able to have assassin squads of our choosing. If I really wanted a full squad, I would have the Squeaker Squad, the Buttercup Squad, and the rabbitt from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He kicks some serious ass.

Is that too much to ask?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Continuing to Tis the Season......

After the last two days I've had at the Glorified Hardware Store, I really wished that some of the asshole customers I had would've been at least like this.

I REALLY wished I would've had to have dealt with that then what I had been dealing with. Word.

Wednesday: I was working the Return desk at the start of the morning. Returns is not always the easiest to deal with, for obvious reasons. Around 9:30am, this came to pass. I will call my subject, Mr Cocky Bastard, or Mr CB for short.

Mr CB had to return some saw blades, which were fine, but he also had to return a caulk gun and a tube of liquid nails. So when he approaches me, he tell me how pissed off he is. Now, I know at this point this is not going to go well for yours truly. He yells at me over the caulk gun and the liquid nails. Apparently, while he tried to use the caulk gun, the liquid nails did not dispense how it should have, and it came out around the sides, thus also ruining the caulk gun. So, as I am processing the gun and the liquid nails, it would not let me process the liquid nails. I looked at his receipt and noticed the other items were purchased at one of our other store locations about 20 min away. And sometimes, we may carry something that another location may not and vice versa. It happens.

But Mr CB could not understand that and he yelled at me more about it. As I am reaching for my phone to call the Paint department to make sure that A) We do in fact carry it and to also B) If we do, to make sure someone isn't auditing that exact product at the very moment I am trying to process because it would show that I don't have it in stock. It does that sometimes. He yells at me that "he is going to prove me (yours truly) wrong and the computer wrong. Mind you, I never questioned him per say, I only simply wanted to know where he purchased the liquid nails. Sounds pretty simple, but I guess I ask too much.

He storms off down the aisle. I call Paint and tried to have them meet him, and they were just 3 aisles over. He was too quick for them and he comes up storming to the desk, waiving the liquid nails around IN THE AIR, and proceeds to shove the pointy end of it up to my face, actually almost poking me in the eye. I shit you not.

I was so stunned by his reaction that I looked at Mr CB and told him he could take his stuff and head over to the customer service area and let them process the return and that there was no need for his behavior. He freaks the fuck out and screams at me more.

Luckily, my assistant store manager (ASM) happened to be standing close by at customer service, saw what was going on and took control. I had Mr CB's receipt, and since my ASM was processing the return, I am handing him the receipt instead of handing it to Mr CB. As I place the receipt in ASM's hand, he is screaming at me to give him back his receipt. I absolutley ignore his request, since it is done. Mr CB keeps screaming at me, saying he asked me 4 times to give him back his receipt, IN FRONT OF MY ASM!!!! I, again, shit you not. Mr CB still proceeds to scream at me that I'm horrible, lousy, nasty, blah blah blah. Which was met with a snicker and seeing my back turned to him, walking away. When my ASM was finished, he turns to look at me. I say, Thank you! And he says, No problem, and just walks away.

See, even some managers have the brains to realize when a Cocky Bastard is being a dumbass, as well as cocky and being a basterd to boot.

For my Thursday rendition of my work life stick around, I will post about it also.

One good thing did come out of yesterday though. I finally got to see the ICC instances. Pretty cool stuff there, and I got a new set of healing shoulders. All in all, I just wanna see Sylvanas shove a boot up Arthas's ass, stomp a mudhole in him and walk it dry. Is that asking too much?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tis the Season...

Well folks, it's that time of year. Rudolph, St Nick, Yuletide, Eggnog. But this time of year means something else also. Asshole Season. For anyone who deals with the general public, you know where I am going with this. Especially the ones who are in retail. It is the time of year that people are just plain worse than usual.

Now, if you poor souls, like myself, who work in retail, just exclaimed "AMEN!", I hear ya. Working in retail is a different world altogether. For those of you who do not know me, I work at a "glorified hardware store", best way I can put it. Now, Black Friday went just fine, but as Christmas draws ever closer, the fugly side of people creep out. And OMG, is it FUGLY! I am going to tell you the last three days of my life at work.

Day #1 Wednesday: My day started out as normal enough. We (Ruhtra and myself) live in the Ohio Valley area. The temperatures dropped very cold and the wind was awful. So much so, that we lost power at the store. For two hours. No phone, no heat, no computers. Nothing. So, here we are, locking up shop and walking around with flashlights helping customers. Here is the interesting part. We had a generator working for a short while until the power blew. Hence the word "had". Some moron forgot to fuel up the generator..... Now, I know that is a "minor" detail, but still. Now, the highway gets shut down so nobody is leaving unless you go east. So, me and another co-worker venture out and find food for us and others so we do not starve. Get back, all is well. So, we get the generator fueled up. Store gets back up and running. Now, when you don't run the front end and you end up closing the store at the end of the night....bad idea lol.

Day #2 Thursday: Starts out as normal. People still complaining about the self-checkout stations. As always, it is MY fault that they are there in the first place. Now, if I actually had that kind of power, do you really think I would use it for a purpose like that?!?!? Hell no. Now, I am going to direct the next part of this day to the lumber department. I want all to witness the stupidity of people. Lumber Associate #1 ( for short I will call him LA1, who by the way, is almost 6'8") was helping a contractor with some lumber. He went to the cutting station and started cutting the board. This contractor kept trying to grab the lumber and trying to move it, with the saws moving. Now, if LA1 told this Nitwit once, he told him many times over to PLEASE STOP TOUCHING THE BOARD. Twit could not understand that, so LA1 got so pissed off at Numskull that he reached up top and shut off the cutting machine. He looked at Cumquat and told him he was not going to continue cutting until he learned to not reach in and mess with the board. One of them could have gotten seriously hurt, and you all know damn well that Dumbass would have sued my workplace and made out rich, all because of his own actions.

Oh, I'm not done yet....

So, after this happens, Shitforbrains calls up one of the managers (because some of the contractors have manager's cellphone numbers) and actually complains about LA1?!?!?!?!? The manager just laughed at the guy and told him that he wouldn't even be that stupid enough to mess with LA1, and hung up on him.

Day #3 Friday: Oh, thank god it's Friday!!! Unless you are working, again, at the self checkout station. I hate that station. Another day of people yelling at you, because they are too stupid to read prompts. Now, I am not hating on those who do not want to use them or for their reasons not to use them. What I am yelling about is those same people who then, yell at you for the machines being there.....that they want to go to a "human" to check them out at a register.....that machines are taking over my job......that I have nothing to do (oh, my "personal" fave).....and so on and so forth. And, if you do plan on using these machines, do not stand there and curse them out, especially with small children standing nearby. I hate that. I had this lady in particular on this night. Older woman, around 60 with her husband. Husband is quiet, not her so much.... She started cursing the machine out, and started getting louder about it. Because she is too damn stupid to work it. Instead of asking for help, she acted like an ass. So, me being me, I went over to see what her damn problem was. So I boldly asked her, "Is there a problem here?" And wow, what a change in disposition. She got her act together real quick, and I received smiles from the other customers as well in the process.

Now, let me tell you about my background so I can get to the point of this story. I was in the hospitality business for 11 years. Nine of those last years were with a very well known worldwide company. I worked third shift. Now, I have seen many crazy ass things in my time. Met many different people and famous ones to boot. I chose to leave because I wanted to be able to have a more normal life and not so much stress, and job was stressful for what I did. I chose this "glorified hardware store" because it is five minutes from home, I can work more normal hours and be able to spend time with Ruhtra and lil Ruh. Now, I am glad for taking the job I did, and I am not complaining about retail. But, for the love that is all just in this world: People, just respect the cashier who is trying to take care of you. Don't curse them out. If you just act with some decency, it does go a long way. I promise. I like meeting people and talking to people, but those kind of people just turn me off. So, please just be a little bit more respectful to others. Whether you are shopping, be nice to the cashier and those who help you. Whether you are calling in to a call center, be nice and don't yell at the person on the other end. Whether you are going through a fast food joint, don't yell at the counter person. If you are having a bad day, don't take it out on us. Now, maybe we have been yelled at all day long, but we still try to shine through it and smile and keep trudging along, but we can only take so much for so long. So, just be good, for goodness sake!