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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Continuing to Tis the Season......

After the last two days I've had at the Glorified Hardware Store, I really wished that some of the asshole customers I had would've been at least like this.

I REALLY wished I would've had to have dealt with that then what I had been dealing with. Word.

Wednesday: I was working the Return desk at the start of the morning. Returns is not always the easiest to deal with, for obvious reasons. Around 9:30am, this came to pass. I will call my subject, Mr Cocky Bastard, or Mr CB for short.

Mr CB had to return some saw blades, which were fine, but he also had to return a caulk gun and a tube of liquid nails. So when he approaches me, he tell me how pissed off he is. Now, I know at this point this is not going to go well for yours truly. He yells at me over the caulk gun and the liquid nails. Apparently, while he tried to use the caulk gun, the liquid nails did not dispense how it should have, and it came out around the sides, thus also ruining the caulk gun. So, as I am processing the gun and the liquid nails, it would not let me process the liquid nails. I looked at his receipt and noticed the other items were purchased at one of our other store locations about 20 min away. And sometimes, we may carry something that another location may not and vice versa. It happens.

But Mr CB could not understand that and he yelled at me more about it. As I am reaching for my phone to call the Paint department to make sure that A) We do in fact carry it and to also B) If we do, to make sure someone isn't auditing that exact product at the very moment I am trying to process because it would show that I don't have it in stock. It does that sometimes. He yells at me that "he is going to prove me (yours truly) wrong and the computer wrong. Mind you, I never questioned him per say, I only simply wanted to know where he purchased the liquid nails. Sounds pretty simple, but I guess I ask too much.

He storms off down the aisle. I call Paint and tried to have them meet him, and they were just 3 aisles over. He was too quick for them and he comes up storming to the desk, waiving the liquid nails around IN THE AIR, and proceeds to shove the pointy end of it up to my face, actually almost poking me in the eye. I shit you not.

I was so stunned by his reaction that I looked at Mr CB and told him he could take his stuff and head over to the customer service area and let them process the return and that there was no need for his behavior. He freaks the fuck out and screams at me more.

Luckily, my assistant store manager (ASM) happened to be standing close by at customer service, saw what was going on and took control. I had Mr CB's receipt, and since my ASM was processing the return, I am handing him the receipt instead of handing it to Mr CB. As I place the receipt in ASM's hand, he is screaming at me to give him back his receipt. I absolutley ignore his request, since it is done. Mr CB keeps screaming at me, saying he asked me 4 times to give him back his receipt, IN FRONT OF MY ASM!!!! I, again, shit you not. Mr CB still proceeds to scream at me that I'm horrible, lousy, nasty, blah blah blah. Which was met with a snicker and seeing my back turned to him, walking away. When my ASM was finished, he turns to look at me. I say, Thank you! And he says, No problem, and just walks away.

See, even some managers have the brains to realize when a Cocky Bastard is being a dumbass, as well as cocky and being a basterd to boot.

For my Thursday rendition of my work life stick around, I will post about it also.

One good thing did come out of yesterday though. I finally got to see the ICC instances. Pretty cool stuff there, and I got a new set of healing shoulders. All in all, I just wanna see Sylvanas shove a boot up Arthas's ass, stomp a mudhole in him and walk it dry. Is that asking too much?

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