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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Live to win.....

So many boars to little time!!! LOL First off, I want my friends and guildmates on DSpine to know, NO, I have not abandoned you. But, please understand. I am very serious about wanting to help allies on Cho'gall. I am still taken by the fact of no auction house, guilds packing up and leaving for "greener pastures", and low morale. It is just absurd. It kills me to see this.

Which bring me to: Secondly, I just wanted to say thank you to those who have rolled ally on the Cho'gall server. And thank you to those allies who haven't given up and are even going as far as putting yourselves out there recruiting for your guilds and helping complete strangers. I wanna give a shout out of sorts to Chogallski. I was on my mage when he came out and said he just started a new guild and was recruiting. Thanks Chogallski for taking me into the guild. I wish them all the best and I personally love the name "Seven to One Odds." Very fitting! Once again, I call upon others to take up the cause and roll onto Cho'gall. Even if you are just is worth it to see just how bad they have it. And if anyone is interested in joining Seven to One Odds, please whisper Chogallski, my hunter Elswyth, or any other guild member in game. I'm sure they would love to have you. It may not be much, but a little goes a long way and can mean a lot to others. Playing on that server the last week has made me appreciate just how great I have it on Daggerspine and how fortunate I am to have my MAS guildies to rollout with me whether it is instancing or pvping. For all of us lowbies now out there adventuring and sweating blood.......Live to Win and Kill those Boars!!!!! Come out of hiding from the inns and forests!!!! There is hope!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Eus, what have you been up to? Well, I'll tell ya....

Besides working like crazy....I have come to find something very interesting and a tad bit disturbing. Several days ago, my hubby, Ruhtra came across some suggestion forums. One in particular caught his eye that read " Please help Cho'gall Alliance." So he read it. When I came home from work he started talking about the forum he read about. This is pretty much what it pertains to: the server Cho'gall is in dire need of help.

Alliance wise.

Yes, I said it. Alliance.

Now, good people, don't get me wrong. I am not the biggest ally sympathizer, but I gotta say, holy s**t. These poor players have it rough. We both even posted a comment on the forums. If you want to see my comment, I commented under my hunter, Lovkinja.

From what I have read and have actually spoken to a few players on that server, several top guilds left that server. Yesterday, I was in a capital city and another guild announced they were leaving Cho'gall as of Friday. This is madness. The ratio of horde to alliance is 7-1. Again, madness. I have rolled several toons on the ally side and so did Ruhtra. We wanted to see for ourselves just how bad it is. Take it from me. It is really bad. Between three capital cities getting attacked every night...I have no idea how these players were able to level up. Two nights ago, I was in Darnassus. I did a /who on each captial city. A total of 30 ppl. And this was at 9pm EST. This is a CST server. This is just laughable! Ok, if you were on Daggerspine, at that same time of night, you might have 30 ppl, total in maybe Thunder Bluff (sorry mooeypeople, but y'all know where I'm going with that comment). And the auction's really bad.

I emplore everyone, horde and alliance, read this thread. As of a few hours ago it was up to 10 pages of both sides pleading for transfers and creations on the ally side on this server. Hell, I even challenge you to roll a toon or several on this server. See for yourself. And you will come to realize just how good you have it on your current server. This server needs help in the worse way.