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Monday, June 21, 2010

Aw, look at that!

Continuing on my adventures on Argent Dawn-US, I was questing with my "other" Lovkinja (the night elf version) and her kitty Ochocinco in Darkshore. And yes, I named my kitty Ochocinco because A) I live in the Cincy area, but in KY B) I actually DO like the Bengals and C) I love Chad Ochocinco, awesome dude. Besides, I wanted a bengal kitty and I am not about to run to Durotar for those bengal tigers. If you go to the Bengals games, they actually use the white bengal tigers, you know, just FYI.

Anyways, I was questing and low and behold I see something VERY familiar.


Just kidding.

You see, when my better half's hunter Lrem went out and got Smiley, I thought he was cute. And I always wanted one of my own on Lovkinja (the original, blood elf version). When I went out to Un'Goro and saw this one, it screamed Buttercup and I tamed her and now Smiley has a playmate, or mate, however you look at it.

So I see this hunter out with Buttercup, same exact one and I had to tell her that it really did warm my heart to know that somewhere out there, another hunter had a Buttercup.

This first photo is my original Lovkinja on Daggerspine, with her Buttercup.

This photo: Here is me on my other Lovkinja, with Ochocinco, saying hello to fellow hunter with her Buttercup.

So, again to Jerei of Heroes of Legend, I salute you!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there. Enjoy your day, you earned it!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's been a while....I know

Bad Eusy....

*smacks own hand*

There, better now?

Ok, a few weeks have gone by and I made my post over at Holy Shock but I thought I would just give a little update-aroo on my progress on both Daggerspine and Argent Dawn-US.

I've felt really bad the last few weeks because our ICC raid night on Dspine is on Fridays and I've had to open Saturday morning so I've been unable to run it. So I just simply think I hate work and that's all there is to it. Since my work schedule does not able to just not come to work because of ICC....and me or my family winning the Powerball lottery is a long shot at this can send your donations to the Get Eus Back Into ICC Fund or call 1-800-Eusy-Now.

Just kidding, but that would be pimp.

Also, Matronamorta my lock has come along very nicely, better than to be expected. I've also been working on my mage, Hyades. She is almost 67 and getting ready to say goodbye to Outland and hello to Northrend. And it appears that she has made some friends...and foes. You check out the post over at Holy Shock all about it.

In Argent Dawn-US news, Eusy has made it to 28. Her dps, which is miniscule at that level, has gotten better. It's just weird taking up ret, but I wanted to change things up. Nyxalva has made it to 21. I'm kinda excited to see how being boomylazerchicken will be. Again, a change of pace considering my Dspine druid Moodru is feral.

I am also excited because we now have 24-level 80's in SAN, so that is AWESOME. They cleared Naxx and are entering Ulduar later on in the week. Again, I'll get there someday but I am enjoying taking my time over there and getting to meet everyone and share stories and whatnot.

So, I say to everyone, enjoy the rest of your week and if you can't be good, be good at it!