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Monday, June 21, 2010

Aw, look at that!

Continuing on my adventures on Argent Dawn-US, I was questing with my "other" Lovkinja (the night elf version) and her kitty Ochocinco in Darkshore. And yes, I named my kitty Ochocinco because A) I live in the Cincy area, but in KY B) I actually DO like the Bengals and C) I love Chad Ochocinco, awesome dude. Besides, I wanted a bengal kitty and I am not about to run to Durotar for those bengal tigers. If you go to the Bengals games, they actually use the white bengal tigers, you know, just FYI.

Anyways, I was questing and low and behold I see something VERY familiar.


Just kidding.

You see, when my better half's hunter Lrem went out and got Smiley, I thought he was cute. And I always wanted one of my own on Lovkinja (the original, blood elf version). When I went out to Un'Goro and saw this one, it screamed Buttercup and I tamed her and now Smiley has a playmate, or mate, however you look at it.

So I see this hunter out with Buttercup, same exact one and I had to tell her that it really did warm my heart to know that somewhere out there, another hunter had a Buttercup.

This first photo is my original Lovkinja on Daggerspine, with her Buttercup.

This photo: Here is me on my other Lovkinja, with Ochocinco, saying hello to fellow hunter with her Buttercup.

So, again to Jerei of Heroes of Legend, I salute you!

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