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Saturday, April 18, 2009

This post shall be titled: No-Class

Well, since my short run on this lil diddy called a blog...all have seen my more humble, humourous side of me. But today, I turn my attention to the not-so-nice side. Yes, folks, we are gonna travel this road...sorry, but I must get something out in the open. In this world, people who know me best should know I can't stand people who are nothing but drama magnets and liars. I depise someone I will not be able to trust. Whether it is WoW or real life, if you don't have my back and stab me in the back, consider yourself enemy #1. Or for others who know me best, my S**T List. With that in mind, I know some of you have read friends Edyion and Fish's blogs and my hubby Ruhtra's blogs about our "guild issues". To those of you who have left: Some of you made a choice. You knew was MAS was about and what we were trying to accomplish. To Scotie and Xercon, I have no hard feelings towards you. But, to everyone else. Some of you are traitors. Some of you are psycho Bit**es. Some of you are Ninjas. But most importantly, some of you are what I call no-class. If you are going to curse out and blame myself or others in MAS or your problems/lack of skill/or whatever bulls**t you want to insert here, do me and everyone else a favor: Look in the mirror!!! And do one more thing: Thank you for leaving! This just gives us a chance to evaulate where we stand, brush ourselves off, laugh at you, and know that you are now some other guild's problem. I realize this is just a game. But I also refer to this in real life. F**k me over once, and that's it. I won't give you a second chance to do the same thing. I take friendship serious. Whether it's WoW or real life, you are still dealing with a live, breathing, thinking human being. There has to be some level of respect somewhere. To the ones I am refering to, learn some class about yourselves and grow up. This advice might do you a favor someday.

My apologies, but sometimes, the bi**h claws have to come out....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unholy goodness

Doesn't she look familiar? This is either Eus's evil twin or what she would come out to be if the Lich King gets a hold of her. This is Itsirhc, lvl 64 Unholy Death Knight. When we all found out that Death Knights were coming and their specs would be, I came right out and said mine WILL BE Unholy and it will look exactly like Eus. After creation and play, me and the guildmates came to notice something. If you look close at the photo, you will notice that the minion she is sporting looks like a dead Ruhtra. Look closely. See the Pebbles Hairdo. This would be Ruhtra and Eus in death. See, she still looks good, even in death. But not so much for poor Ol Ruh. I like to play this one once in a while, but not so much as of late. Poor Itsi is just sitting in Thrallmar, waiting for someone to come along and play. And as she sits waiting, oh dead Ruru looks at her and brings her something he found on the ground outside. "Look, SHINY!!!" She sighs, "Yes dear. It's shiny. Very pretty, thank you. Now run along and play. And if something falls off dear, just borrow some of Annegwish's ducttape. It fixes everything!" She sighs again, waiting.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two shelved mages...

Calling down the cone is Givre, lvl 22 Frost Mage.

Miss Arcane Missles herself, Hyades lvl 28 Mage with the First Bank of Silvermoon. She may look all sweet and shy, but that doesn't mean anything.

Sadly, I don't play the mages much but they can be fun and can pack a powerful punch at higher levels.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pope's partner in crime....

When Pope is running the hillsides of Azeroth or the plains of Kalimdor, well, needless to say, he needs protection. His protection comes in a form of none else......a girl! This is Lovkinja, lvl 49 BM Hunter. I did roll another hunter before this one but again, due to a rude dude hacking the acct, had to create another hunter. Metsastaja was an orc hunter that I created, but quite honestly I just couldn't get that into her. So when I rolled another hunter, I thought, why not a blood elf? I also knew from the moment I created her I knew exactly which pet she would tame to call her very own, even if the pet had to come along kicking, clawning and screaming!

So, when she hit lvl 10, she went off to Silverpine Forest. And there she was, good ol' Sweet Pea. Standing by the fence, looking for a home. They have been a perfect match ever since. And besides, IRL, my dog Sweet Pea looks pretty close to the game version, especially when she get her hair ruffled. I wouldn't trade her for anything. I agree with my friend Edyion and my hubby on this......research the pet you want before going out and taming. Know what you want your pet to do and what it will be used for. I am proud to call Sweet Pea mine. She takes hunks out of heinies and can take a beating if need be. And when she is on defensive, she is literally on defensive! She will be all over whatever comes near me. She may not be a diamond, but she is this girl's best friend!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Double-Trouble Twins

Ok, so long after I created ol Eusy, I would watch my hubby play his Lock and would think, gee that looks like fun. (Yeah good reason to create one, huh?) So, I thought about it, and first came up with the original....Matronamorta! It's been so long ago, but translating the name means "married dead woman". Roll your eyes people, but I thought it was creative, ok?

Of course, after the whole account getting hacked thing, I HAD to have another undead lock. So, out comes Ungeista. I do like playing the lock, but not all the time. Sometimes I will admit that the only reason I rolled one is because of the Rain of Fire. Bringing down fire is cool. Nuff said.

And speaking of quirky things, I have noticed something with the two. Their blueberries (voidwalkers) are polar opposites. If I have Matrona send her blueberry in, he goes after the wrong target or does something crazy to make her pull out whatever hair she has left. Ungeista however, her blueberry dishes out the damage and actually listens to her commands. So, my theory is this: When Matronamorta was standing in line waiting for her blueberry, they told her they were fresh out of the regular everyday blueberries....but that if she were to step over here.......this is where she got the "cracked" out not-so-home grown version of a blueberry. But ironically enough, when Ungeista's turn came to stand in line, they were fully stocked! So, if Matrona felt like calling BULL****, she has every right. But I have a feeling somewhere in that cold, dark, dead heart of hers she still has love for her pal.