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Saturday, April 18, 2009

This post shall be titled: No-Class

Well, since my short run on this lil diddy called a blog...all have seen my more humble, humourous side of me. But today, I turn my attention to the not-so-nice side. Yes, folks, we are gonna travel this road...sorry, but I must get something out in the open. In this world, people who know me best should know I can't stand people who are nothing but drama magnets and liars. I depise someone I will not be able to trust. Whether it is WoW or real life, if you don't have my back and stab me in the back, consider yourself enemy #1. Or for others who know me best, my S**T List. With that in mind, I know some of you have read friends Edyion and Fish's blogs and my hubby Ruhtra's blogs about our "guild issues". To those of you who have left: Some of you made a choice. You knew was MAS was about and what we were trying to accomplish. To Scotie and Xercon, I have no hard feelings towards you. But, to everyone else. Some of you are traitors. Some of you are psycho Bit**es. Some of you are Ninjas. But most importantly, some of you are what I call no-class. If you are going to curse out and blame myself or others in MAS or your problems/lack of skill/or whatever bulls**t you want to insert here, do me and everyone else a favor: Look in the mirror!!! And do one more thing: Thank you for leaving! This just gives us a chance to evaulate where we stand, brush ourselves off, laugh at you, and know that you are now some other guild's problem. I realize this is just a game. But I also refer to this in real life. F**k me over once, and that's it. I won't give you a second chance to do the same thing. I take friendship serious. Whether it's WoW or real life, you are still dealing with a live, breathing, thinking human being. There has to be some level of respect somewhere. To the ones I am refering to, learn some class about yourselves and grow up. This advice might do you a favor someday.

My apologies, but sometimes, the bi**h claws have to come out....


  1. Nuthin wrong with them there claws comin' out. Whats been going on of late is a bunch of BS but storm is almost over I think. I deal with this about the same as you do as you well know so yup let it out. Take a breath. Now lets get the train a movin' again.

  2. It was rough, I do kinda feel bad about the time wasted gearing up a certain DK only to have them leave, but with dual specs, its not as if we're lacking anything. I always thought our guild expanded a little too fast. Quality beats quantity 9 times out of 10.