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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unholy goodness

Doesn't she look familiar? This is either Eus's evil twin or what she would come out to be if the Lich King gets a hold of her. This is Itsirhc, lvl 64 Unholy Death Knight. When we all found out that Death Knights were coming and their specs would be, I came right out and said mine WILL BE Unholy and it will look exactly like Eus. After creation and play, me and the guildmates came to notice something. If you look close at the photo, you will notice that the minion she is sporting looks like a dead Ruhtra. Look closely. See the Pebbles Hairdo. This would be Ruhtra and Eus in death. See, she still looks good, even in death. But not so much for poor Ol Ruh. I like to play this one once in a while, but not so much as of late. Poor Itsi is just sitting in Thrallmar, waiting for someone to come along and play. And as she sits waiting, oh dead Ruru looks at her and brings her something he found on the ground outside. "Look, SHINY!!!" She sighs, "Yes dear. It's shiny. Very pretty, thank you. Now run along and play. And if something falls off dear, just borrow some of Annegwish's ducttape. It fixes everything!" She sighs again, waiting.....


  1. Aww such the loving couple. hehehehe.

    oh yeah Anne says the duck tape might be almighty but even it has a limit to what it can put back together :x.

  2. duck tape = frostweave bandage on steroids lol