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Monday, April 13, 2009

Pope's partner in crime....

When Pope is running the hillsides of Azeroth or the plains of Kalimdor, well, needless to say, he needs protection. His protection comes in a form of none else......a girl! This is Lovkinja, lvl 49 BM Hunter. I did roll another hunter before this one but again, due to a rude dude hacking the acct, had to create another hunter. Metsastaja was an orc hunter that I created, but quite honestly I just couldn't get that into her. So when I rolled another hunter, I thought, why not a blood elf? I also knew from the moment I created her I knew exactly which pet she would tame to call her very own, even if the pet had to come along kicking, clawning and screaming!

So, when she hit lvl 10, she went off to Silverpine Forest. And there she was, good ol' Sweet Pea. Standing by the fence, looking for a home. They have been a perfect match ever since. And besides, IRL, my dog Sweet Pea looks pretty close to the game version, especially when she get her hair ruffled. I wouldn't trade her for anything. I agree with my friend Edyion and my hubby on this......research the pet you want before going out and taming. Know what you want your pet to do and what it will be used for. I am proud to call Sweet Pea mine. She takes hunks out of heinies and can take a beating if need be. And when she is on defensive, she is literally on defensive! She will be all over whatever comes near me. She may not be a diamond, but she is this girl's best friend!


  1. Yeah, she does alright, except when we both leave the house and she sits downstairs with whoever is around whimpering.


    So ferocious!

  2. @ Ruh

    Now honey! I was talking about her in the game, not in real life! Lol. In real life, she may seem ferocious, but she is such a big baby. Also known as Daddy's Lil Princess....Gee, I wonder who she favors....