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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Double-Trouble Twins

Ok, so long after I created ol Eusy, I would watch my hubby play his Lock and would think, gee that looks like fun. (Yeah good reason to create one, huh?) So, I thought about it, and first came up with the original....Matronamorta! It's been so long ago, but translating the name means "married dead woman". Roll your eyes people, but I thought it was creative, ok?

Of course, after the whole account getting hacked thing, I HAD to have another undead lock. So, out comes Ungeista. I do like playing the lock, but not all the time. Sometimes I will admit that the only reason I rolled one is because of the Rain of Fire. Bringing down fire is cool. Nuff said.

And speaking of quirky things, I have noticed something with the two. Their blueberries (voidwalkers) are polar opposites. If I have Matrona send her blueberry in, he goes after the wrong target or does something crazy to make her pull out whatever hair she has left. Ungeista however, her blueberry dishes out the damage and actually listens to her commands. So, my theory is this: When Matronamorta was standing in line waiting for her blueberry, they told her they were fresh out of the regular everyday blueberries....but that if she were to step over here.......this is where she got the "cracked" out not-so-home grown version of a blueberry. But ironically enough, when Ungeista's turn came to stand in line, they were fully stocked! So, if Matrona felt like calling BULL****, she has every right. But I have a feeling somewhere in that cold, dark, dead heart of hers she still has love for her pal.


  1. Poor Pooty Tang. So he comes from the Killer school of pets. We still love him.

  2. @Edyion

    Yes, he did come from the Killer school of pets. It's poor Matrona, not poor tang