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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sorry..hiatus was calling. Had to answer...

But that is neither here nor there. Heya folks, Eus here. Hope everyone has been a good group of boys and girls when I was away. Lots of stuff goings on. Been sick A LOT, but medication proves to help with that. Lots of work, too. Cataclysm dropped. Again, I am a very busy lady.

Which brings me to another subject. Roleplaying.

Yes, I, Eus, The Suicidal Healer, have been bitten by the RP bug. I gotta say, it is both interesting and amusing. You see, my tale starts way back in February of this year. I found this thread on the general forums, originally called, A Gentleman Thread. Now, it started out as a complete joke, but it caught on like a wildfire.

It became popular enough, that my very own mage, Hyades of Daggerspine had to enter. She became a hit and the rest was history. Then, the title was changed to A Gentleman and Lady Thread, to show the oncoming of females entering the thread. It grew so popular, that two weeks later, it was promptly moved to the World's End Tavern, the RP forums.

On top of that, Blizz changed how posts were laid out. So, all posts have a maximum of 26 pages. Needless to say, our thread took over. Literally. The original posting was 1026 pages long, with 140 more threads, each 26 pages. That's a lot of stuff. On top of that, we had to find a server so that we could all be together in one central location, so Moon Guarde Horde was the choice, creating the guild Manor of Bones and a website to boot.

And, as anything else, you get to meet new people along the way. I've had a great time so far, and yes, there have ups and downs the last two months, but I think much understanding has come to pass. So, if you are ever on Moon Guard, look for a mage named Sedayh. That'll be me. Along with my other alts....and YES, I still suffer from altitus. That will never change about me!

With that in mind, here we are, almost a year into Cataclysm and I contribute to MAS's website, being the RP moderator on that forum. I still post on the Manor's website. Lead two nights of raiding for old school stuff for MAS. Work and family. Uber excited about new expansion. Only thing that weirds me combat weapons for hunters. No more Lovkinja looking sexy dual wielding axes...but again, overall, looking good. Yes, again, I am a busy lady. But, nobody can deny that I don't try.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello there good peoples!

It's your favorite Suicidal Healer, Eus here. Hope everyone has been doing well. I feel bad for not keeping up the whole blogging thing. Truth is, too much is going on. Between my work schedule, child, and raiding/other WoW time I'm not sure if I'm coming or going.

Having Lil Ruh off to Kindergarten has been a lot of fun. He really enjoys it. He's been going for about a month now and has made lots of friends. Also, he's been taking Karate class every Monday afterschool. The school offers it through a local Karate School and it is at a very reasonable price and they teach the children all about discipline, self-awareness, and stranger safety. I've even volunteered in class to help the instructors.

In health news, a few weeks ago I came down with another stomach bug. Considering I've had way too many in the last year, one earlier this year keeping me down for six weeks, my doctor wanted to go over a few things with me. So I went and saw him and he suggested a prescription powder mix medication. You see, I had gall bladder surgery two years ago. For anyone who has had the procedure done, you know exactly what I am referring to when I say it is a difficult thing to go through. Re-learning how to eat again, meaning what you can and cannot eat that won't kill you with pains and such. Seeing your bathroom way too much is another thing you have to live with. The first week was pure hell and the rest of the year was not pleasant, but a trial and error. The problem is now that every time I get a stomach/intestinal bug I am not only dealing with that but irritating my stomach and intestines via seeing too much of my bathroom. I've taking the medication for two weeks now and my life has changed so much already. I've found that mixing it with yogurt is a great way of taking it.

In WoW news, been raiding ICC with Eus and we've gotten to Sindy. It's only a matter of time before we ROFLstomp ol Lichy Boy.

Also, it's Brewfest! One of my favorite in game things going. My lock Matrona got the remote and the kodo. When I got the kodo, there were three others and a guildmate Anasurimbor. One of the other shaman got the kodo and him and the two others left. That's when I opened my bag and I screamed so loud that Ruh, who was sitting behind me, thought I was shot and I think he might have shat himself. Anasurimbor laughed his ass off and we were all thankful that we were not in vent. Many eardrums would have been lost at that moment.

This week I decided to work on Lovkinja. I've been playing around with her other dual spec of Survival to give it a shot, since I never really use it. It's alright but I want to give it a try to see how I like it.

On Wednesday I took her into ICC. She didn't do too bad and she got some really nice and very much needed gear. On Friday and Saturday she worked on PVP. Also worked on old raids and that was fun also. I think players should start to do more of that. Some of those are just plain good old fashioned fun and should not be missed out on.

On Saturday I took Lov into a For The Horde. Now, I've been playing for over four years now and I have never done For The Horde on any of mine, not even Eus. So, when a For The Horde came up I jumped right in on Lov and earned my Black War Bear. Was lots of fun and I hope to see more of them so I can get them on all of mine. Meh, I'm proud of it since I've never done it but I say better late than never.