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Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's about damn time

Yeah, I said it. After Blizz made it all Cataclysm-y official, we can all finally either be really giddy and do the happy dance or hang our heads in shame and grumble. For me, I think this is going to be very interesting. First of all, seeing the world as it is now, get a good look people, and take a screenshot or two, because it ain't gonna be the same after Flamy Evil Face gets done with it. And yes, Deathwing is no longer, he is now dubbed Flamy Evil Face. Nuff said.

Two, Goblins and Worgen....nice. Ya know I'll roll each. I have should know this by now. It's gonna happen, get over it. I can't wait to actually live the tale of each, to see it come to pass. And finally, one wish comes true....I GET TO SEE WHAT THE F*** IS BEHIND THAT DAMN GREYMANE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me, ol' Ruh will be happy, because he won't have to listen to me for the next three more years of...."I want Blizz to show what is behind the wall.....What's behind the wall......blahblahblah......" And I love what they did to Gilneas. Looks like a really creepy London sort of city. Really awesome.

Three, speaking of around the Silverpine area.......HEROIC SHADOWFANG KEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh hell yeah! One of my all time favorite instances that I could run over and over til my fingers fall off and my eyes and ears bleed with happy goodness......they turned it into heroic. Another Eusy wish come true. Thank you Blizz. Smooches and hugs and stuff. But can I make a suggestion. Has nothing to do with this. Come a lil closer......lil closer..........lil closer......ok, here goes.....................................Caverns of Time: The Fall of Silvermoon. Do it. Shhhh ok, pass it on......

Ok. If they ever pulled that one off, I would be complete. That would be one kick-ass CoT. Sad yes. But I think out of curiosity and historically and for kick-ass values, we need to see what exactly happened. I don't care what the blood elf naysayers have to say, because you know what I have to say to them ;) . But, the blood elves do have a very sad tale. Not saying that no other race doesn't. But they do. The high elves that decided to stay with the Alliance are lucky that some humans still accepted them and didn't turn on them. But Kael'Thas and his blood elves didn't really have much of a choice if it was a do-or-die situation with joining forces with Vashj and her Naga to gain freedom. A certain band of humans gave them a death mission. What were they supposed to do? Kael having to basically go to Outland and turn to the dark side.....not good. Arthas, who was trying to do with what he thought was right by purging humans to try to stop the spread of the plague, not an easy decision. Sad, but not easy. He gave into the darkness, and look at him now. He destroys the elves homeland, kills many and turns a beloved hero in Sylvanas into a banshee. She has to find her body and break hold of the Lich King. She takes it upon herself to take any undead who can break hold of the Lich King and take them under her wing, when nobody else would want them. She has a very sad tale herself. These Elves had to gain back who they are and where they live. So, to end my elf rant, to see something like the Fall of Silvermoon would be, well, something of epic. Nuff said.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Oh yes, When the Eusy *sigh*'s, you know it's not good. Be warned: The following involves a lot of raging.

You have been warned!

Now, I'm sure you good people out there have read Edy's and Ruh's blogs from Saturday. So, I'm sure you know where this is going....

Now, about this idiotic death knight in question from the other sir are an idiot. A douche if you will. Now folks, I want to let this dumbass know he is very lucky. I usually do not name people (friends are different), and I decided against naming this guy out.

But, let me tell you about him.

Number 1, he has a level 4 Orc Rogue parked somewhere out in Durotar. He uses this poor pathetic orc to whine and cry to us. He has refused to speak to me, and I will not lose any sleep over that fact. It would probably be better for him, besides, Edy is the nicer of the two of us.

Number 2, the night we first ran into him he had already ganked Edy's Annie, and had decimated every lowbie in TM. I hate that kind of s**t. I do not endorse it nor do I condone it. I'm sorry, that it not pvp. Fighting one on one, fine by me. All out war, fine with me. A level 80 ganking anything lower than 70.....I call bullsh*t. I say 70 because I have witnessed with my Eusy eyes a level 70 taking out a level 80, who was not afk'd or receiving any help of any kind. It is possible.

Number 3, when we ran into Mr. Douchebag, he had to take it and take it real good. Bottom line, he got his ass handed to him and then some. We even let him duel us one on one. He could not beat us. There were 6 of us. 3 pallies, one dk, one hunter, one rogue. Could not get the job done. He even claimed first that he could take out 3 of us....then had the balls to say he could take 4 of us. Trust me, never happened. This asswipe then claims that we are fail. No. Nope, you sir, ARE EPIC FAIL!!!! Lesson learned: Do not cash a check your ass can't cash! Believe that Players and Pimps!

Number 4, Last night, I was finishing some stuff on my lovely hunter, Lovkinja, when I decided to log onto my bank alt. My bank alt is a belf priest parked in UC. I log into UC getting raped. First, I say to myself, wtf? Then I look around. I see a shaman, a deathknight, and 2 druids who I know very well. The deathknight was none other than Mr. Douchebag. Now, Edy talks about her EdyRage. Now, we talk about EusyRage. There is a reason I came up with the term Code Red. It had to do with emergency, Edy's hair color, and what I was seeing. Now, I made a decision that I'm sure most of you would do out there....

Eus in online.

Sneyk whispers: Hey

Eus: What up, get to uc

Now, I love my guildies, and I love my honorary guildies. These are people who may have alts in our guild nor may not even be in our guild, but we still consider them as family. Sneyk is one of these that do fall into the category. I love that Troll Rogue. I love the fact he loves to pvp. Whenever I need help, he's there. Whether I need a slot filled in a run or I need a hand, he is there. Thank you Sneyk, and thank you for wanting to help on Cho'gall. They will appreciate what you will be bringing.

As for my girl Edy, she had some EdyRage pent up and of course, she knows I cannot poke my nose and clean up a mess without feeling left out. Before I knew it, My druids and shaman ran like little bitches and of course, Mr. Douchebag "tried" running. I emphasize "tried" for a reason. He met a really unfortunate fate with some 80's in the elevator. Then he met me. And he continued to meet me outside of UC. And before he knew it, he continued to meet me, Sneyk, Edy, and even my better half, Ruhtra.

The unhappy ending for Mr. Douchebag goes something like this.....he logs back and forth from ally acct to horde acct, either trying to figure out his means of escape or whispering Sneyk a line of bullsh*t. Lesson still not learned: (say it with me kids) DON'T CASH A CHECK YOUR ASS CAN'T CASH!!!!!! (very good kids)

Now yes, it is true, I do meet my friends in very different ways. The one druid I met because he followed me everywhere, and could not kill me on on one. He is now a member of MAS along with a few others. Yes, it is true I made friendly with a dk and his 19 family members. There are good people on the opposite faction, and sadly there are douchebags, MANY MANY MANY douchebags, as far as thee eye can see...... What is important is this: If you are a pvp'er, a TRUE one, be comfortable in that fact. It's all good. But do not be like Mr. Douchebag, because not only are you gonna have a really bad time, but you will get what is coming to you.

*smooches and hugs*

Monday, August 3, 2009

Famous last words, "Do Not Underestimate the Doggie!"

Those were my last words to a party out in Nagrand earlier this evening. Ok, so folks, what we are gonna do is switch gears and talk about.....hunters. But more importantly, hunters and their pets.

As usual, I will not name the guilty parties involved. But, Lovkinja's tale goes a little something like this. My hubby was on his rogue, Whoopy out in Nagrand. As being Popebutch's former higher help, she knew what she had to do. Help protect the rogue and kill. So, she looked at her trusted doggie, Sweet Pea and her doggie knew what to do.

So after running around Nagrand the 70hunter-70 doggie-67 rogue party were near the ogres by the Ring of Blood. Lovkinja is in her kill mode when she receives a whisper from a stranger. The stranger was asking for help for Ring of Blood. Now, something you should know about this stranger. While Whoopy and Lovkinja were running around for over an hour, they noticed repeated beggings for a tank and a healer for Ring of Blood. So, Lovkinja finds it awfully ironic that she got whispered to TANK, yes, I said TANK Ring of Blood. Whoopy of course laughs his ass off and we break party. Lovkinja looks at Sweet Pea and sighs, rolling her eyes. Sweet Pea just shakes her head along with her elf partner.

Lovkinja gets partied up. She looks over the party. Consists of 3 Warlocks and a Pally. All range from levels 65-67. She jumps down a small way and is already there. The party looks at her and her doggie. The next minute and a half that Lovkinja experiences is what would piss off most hunters. And I'm talking about the ones who actually know their hunter class. Not face rollers. The ones who "get it."

Next minute and a half: Two locks look at Lovkinja and question twice about Sweet Pea. They feel she could not hold aggro and is not a great pet, but an "average" pet. I respond twice that she does good enough. The other lock and pally, obviously knowing that didn't sit well take my defense and say, well she is better than nothing at all. So, my simple response is this to the two doubters, "Look, I didn't ask you to this, you whispered ME. So, either we do this or I can go." The one lock doubter responds, "Fine, let's do this....."

Now, for the curtain call.....

Basically, Lovkinja and Sweet Pea come out swinging....kicking ass... taking names....they do what they do best. The huntress entrusts her pet, her doggie, to do what she is supposed to do....and her doggie trusts her huntress to do what she is supposed to do. When all was said and done, and the smoke cleared, the party was estatic. My supporters were so happy and singing my praises. I thanked the pally for popping the one heal for Sweet Pea. The lock doubter said GG and could not have thanked me enough. Quintessentially, they were impressed. I gave my usual "You're welcome" response, but I wasn't quite done. My parting words were, "Don't underestimate the doggie!" and I left party and regrouped with Whoopy and left.

The moral of this story is this: don't judge a book by it's cover. But it is more than that. As you all know, Eus is where I am most at peace and comfort. I am comfortable with her in pvp aspect and in pve aspect. When I decided my next high level toon, I always liked the hunter. It appeals to me. It's a lot of fun but it is a whole other level of kill mode that suits me. Yea sure, pally pwns face and all, but a hunter has a sort of finesse to it. And I will never go out and say I am the greatest pally out here, nor will I ever say I'm the greatest hunter out there. But I think I do pretty good for myself. I know my limitations and those of my pet. Just like my girl Edyion knows her limitations and trusts of her pets. How Snuggles is to her is how Sweet Pea is to me. There is just that one pet that is just above all the rest you will have. You have the most success with it, you bond with it, you trust it and you sometimes die alongside of it with loyalty. She is among many who I believe that "get it." Let's face it, there are some really crappy hunters out there, just as there are some really crappy pallies, some really crappy dk's, and so on and so forth. I believe there will always be that one class or even a few classes that you just "get." It fits, it works for you. I know she is one of many hunters in my guild who know what the hell they are doing as a hunter. I trust her, she trusts me. Sometimes, you get to know your fellow friends/guildies when you pvp and pve with them. You know what they will do before they do it kind of thing. So, over time you pick up other toons and start to mesh and like playing the class. She likes playing her pally, I like playing my hunter. Call it funny, call it ironic. But you learn from those around you and you also have to learn from yourself. Not every player is the same in gameplay. And that's fine, too. And if anyone would like to learn more about what I call doggies, Sweet Pea was a worg from Silverpine Forest. Now there are many different types of doggies throughout the World of Warcraft. A good hunter knows what he/she wants as their pet. Do your research. Abilities that they do and what they give to you are soooo important.

I just want people out here to understand, if you don't know about the class you are faced with, such as this particular group who asked for my help, then STFU. Don't question their abilities of themselves or their pets over and over. Hopefully after their geekness wore off I hope they learned something about hunters and their pets. They are not to be underestimated. Um, maybe that was a little harsh, but I'm sure you understand?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary

I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my husband, Ruhtra. We are celebrating six years of marriage on Sunday. And to think, we met on a blind date....and we hit it off ever since. So, I just wanted to say I love you to my favoritest holy paladin I know. After one wonderful son and two cattle dogs later......he is still my best friend.

Oh, and honey, just think, you said I wouldn't make it to level 10 and then I would quit. Yes folks, Mr. Ruhtra is eating his words. Now, we all know that doesn't happen too often, but he has to on that one. Lol. It's all in fun.

I love you!