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Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's about damn time

Yeah, I said it. After Blizz made it all Cataclysm-y official, we can all finally either be really giddy and do the happy dance or hang our heads in shame and grumble. For me, I think this is going to be very interesting. First of all, seeing the world as it is now, get a good look people, and take a screenshot or two, because it ain't gonna be the same after Flamy Evil Face gets done with it. And yes, Deathwing is no longer, he is now dubbed Flamy Evil Face. Nuff said.

Two, Goblins and Worgen....nice. Ya know I'll roll each. I have should know this by now. It's gonna happen, get over it. I can't wait to actually live the tale of each, to see it come to pass. And finally, one wish comes true....I GET TO SEE WHAT THE F*** IS BEHIND THAT DAMN GREYMANE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me, ol' Ruh will be happy, because he won't have to listen to me for the next three more years of...."I want Blizz to show what is behind the wall.....What's behind the wall......blahblahblah......" And I love what they did to Gilneas. Looks like a really creepy London sort of city. Really awesome.

Three, speaking of around the Silverpine area.......HEROIC SHADOWFANG KEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh hell yeah! One of my all time favorite instances that I could run over and over til my fingers fall off and my eyes and ears bleed with happy goodness......they turned it into heroic. Another Eusy wish come true. Thank you Blizz. Smooches and hugs and stuff. But can I make a suggestion. Has nothing to do with this. Come a lil closer......lil closer..........lil closer......ok, here goes.....................................Caverns of Time: The Fall of Silvermoon. Do it. Shhhh ok, pass it on......

Ok. If they ever pulled that one off, I would be complete. That would be one kick-ass CoT. Sad yes. But I think out of curiosity and historically and for kick-ass values, we need to see what exactly happened. I don't care what the blood elf naysayers have to say, because you know what I have to say to them ;) . But, the blood elves do have a very sad tale. Not saying that no other race doesn't. But they do. The high elves that decided to stay with the Alliance are lucky that some humans still accepted them and didn't turn on them. But Kael'Thas and his blood elves didn't really have much of a choice if it was a do-or-die situation with joining forces with Vashj and her Naga to gain freedom. A certain band of humans gave them a death mission. What were they supposed to do? Kael having to basically go to Outland and turn to the dark side.....not good. Arthas, who was trying to do with what he thought was right by purging humans to try to stop the spread of the plague, not an easy decision. Sad, but not easy. He gave into the darkness, and look at him now. He destroys the elves homeland, kills many and turns a beloved hero in Sylvanas into a banshee. She has to find her body and break hold of the Lich King. She takes it upon herself to take any undead who can break hold of the Lich King and take them under her wing, when nobody else would want them. She has a very sad tale herself. These Elves had to gain back who they are and where they live. So, to end my elf rant, to see something like the Fall of Silvermoon would be, well, something of epic. Nuff said.

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