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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boiling over

Ya know, I just get plain f'n tired of people. Just people in general. For those of you who do not know, I work in a home improvement store. Now, I may be just someone who takes your money. I make sure you found what you needed for your project and all. But it is more than that actually. See, I do like people, on the other hand. I like talking to people and getting to know people. Plus, it is polite to speak to people as they simply walk by or smile in your direction.

Now, for those of you fine people out there who work in ANY industry who either see the face of people or hear the voice of people, or just would plain understand what the f**k I am about to rant on about, here we go.....

I know times are really bad, and I have noticed an extreme jump in shoplifting at my store, and I have noticed people aren't as friendly as they used to be, but I mean damn. And since our Labor Day holiday is now behind us (yes, we were open, and on regular hours) may I just ask something to you fine people, Does a holiday constitute you or give you the right to be a f***ing a**hole to everyone you meet? Monday was f**king awful. People were horrible. They pretty much treated you like you were lower than dog s**t. I got cursed out and yelled at more than usual, that's for sure. I had the pleasure of working at the self-checkout station. Now, I don't personally mind working there, but again, between the people who "refuse to use those damn machines" to the people who "say they takes jobs away from real live people", which is hilarious, because the real live person runs the damn thing. We have a "real" register there also, which I do realize that some customers do not know about, but when you try to explain this to them, half of them actually hear what is coming out of your mouth, and are happy to oblige, or they run in terror.

Not only on top of that, on this very Monday, every machine decided to stop working. Then all of our registers just froze for two mintues. So, again, I am getting cursed at and yelled at, as if almighty person behind Eus is responsible for it. Trust me, if I had that kind of power, do you actually think I would do something far worse than that? Seriously now.

Then, there was a point in the day when you looked at someone who was walking by and said hello, I got the most unusual reaction than what I am used to. I had people say, "Yeah, whatever", to someone I noticed was leaving and I said "Hello" and they actually turned to me and said the following" I didn't buy anything from you, what would you care" and kept on walking. Now, I'm sorry, but when in the f**k did it change overnight that it was not a good thing to just simply give a person acknowledgement of something positive, like a friendly hello or something like that?!?!?!

Another thing, why do people insist on two minutes before we lock our doors, and I cannot exaggerate, do people feel it is ok to come in, shop casually, all while knowing we are trying to close and get the f**k home? Had three people come in at two minutes to close, to make a $4000.00 order. Not that I am complaining about the amount, I am complaining that it took forever and that they had probably all day or at least had an ample amount of time to get this figured out, not wasing our time when we want to get home to our families or whatnot and making us take forever to close the store.

But here is my greatest tale of all about society going to hell. A few weeks ago, I was working the return desk. I had some 70 yr old country bumpkin threathen to hit me over a $4.00 return. Yes. No typo. No mistake. $4.00 return. It was not the return itself that she was pissed over. It was because she did not have her receipt and I was to magically pull the receipt from out of my a**. Now, we have the ability to retrieve receipts, but only with your method of payment. For cash and check transactions, you leave your phone number with your cashier. That way, when the return clerk needs to research your receipt, that clerk cross references the item with the number. As she is cursing at me and telling me that she did leave the number, I sympathized that I believed her, but if that cashier punched in the wrong number, I have no way of knowing what number to pull out of thin air to make this return work. As I explain this to her, the threathened to hit me as she stepped back almost behind her husband. Now, for anyone who knows me in real life, I pull no punches. So I politely let her have it. So much so, her husband was mad at me for standing up for myself. So when I called the manager, in front of them and the whole long line behind them waiting for their returns, and told the manager exactly word for word what happened, they tried to leave. Key word is tried, folks. That was great.

Citizens of the web, this is the kind of s**t that I am talking about. I just wish people would stop for a moment and think about what they do or what they are about to do. There is no good reason to treat people like crap. None whatsoever. And, if you are on the receiving end of this like I am, like Ruh is, like others out there, who are just trying to put food down on the table for your families and who actually like people and like helping them and talking to people, and I swear if you go out and do the very same damn thing, then shame on you. You deserve it then. And worse probably. You should know better........

Earth, we are in this together and can everyone just try not to be so b*tchy?

Again, I realize times are tough, I know, but when does society lose oneself? Somedays I feel like I am walking around in the twilight zone or something.

/end very long rant......and boy are my fingers tired and my brain hurts.............


  1. You tell 'em, boss lady! I had 6 years of serving the most spoiled college brats ever, first as a regular cashier and then all the way up to a member of management. Not a one of them had any experience of a hard day's work or paying a bill; they walked around flashing daddy's credit card! Keep giving them hell!

  2. I don't get people. Personally I can recall once I came anywhere NEAR to getting rude with somebody serving me and that's because she got snotty with me first. I got irritated but in no way was i rude with her. I have never even witnessed my parents get rude with anybody like that so it blows my mind people do this kinda shit. I've even gotten on friends of mine for that very kind of behavior. People deserve respect no matter who they are. You get a hell of a lot more out of life remembering that. Course I am a rare breed.

  3. You know there was a time when I liked people, but having been forced to cater to their every little desire I just dispise people.

    I think this is one reason I like WoW. Someone annoys you? F*** them and throw them on the ignore list.

    Society has lost all sense of right and wrong and are simply in a WIIFM (what's in it for me)state of mine. They do not care what they say or who they say it to.

    Every day I am cursed out and put down because some moron did not take the time to think about the decisions that they have made and understand what the combination of the two English words "self" and "directed" mean when applied together to describe something.

    I try to not take it personally, but good Lord, you can only take being called a mother f***** so many times in a day before you are ready to kill. Oh well, at least I am payed well to be a human abuse taker.

    Good post.

  4. I once watched a movie about WW II (it had Alex Baldwin in it, I don't remember the name). Anyway, in a conversation about the Nazi's he said "Evil is the lack of empathy". Empathy is when you are either able to truly understand someone else's plight, or make a sincere attemt. I think this is at the core of all the crap people dish out.

    These rude people never take a second to trade spots or attempt to understand how the other person may feel or react as they treat them with such disdain.

    We need more empathy among us people of planet earth. Empathy would cause rudeness to virtually cease. That said, I'm still going to defend myself against the crazy and the rude. I won't let them humiliate me because of what they lack in their lives.