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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Adding to the Stables

Well folks, we have another 80 to join the stables of MAS. Lovkinja dinged 80 last night with her faithful doggie, Sweet Pea by her side. Now, when Eus dinged 80 her, Ruhtra, and her guildmates did whatever they could to get her there. Edy was with her when it Zul'Drak...discovering something that she had not yet discovered before. That's how Eus dinged 80. Nothing epic, but still funny.

Lovkinja's story is very much different. Thanks to Blizz, you can now level in bg's. Let's just say that Lov and Sweet Pea have seen so much of AV that their eyes are about to bleed. So, for those of you from the other battlegroup servers that suffered and triumphed with Lov and Sweet Pea over the last four days, thank you. You are what helped her get there. Another special thanks to Lrem/Emprius, because when he came home from work, he suffered and triumphed the evenings with me in AV. I am pretty impressed because the leveling is fantastic. I went from 71-80 in under four days. Met some really nice people who worked as a team. I also was able to purchase three pieces of pvp gear for Lov. My goal is to have her decked out head to toe in full pvp.

So, for those of you hordies out there, I've got ya back. For those allies out there, WATCH OUT!

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  1. Hey! I tagged you on a healing meme.

    You can find the questions over on my blog.

    Just on the off chance I forget to tell you.