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Monday, December 28, 2009

Day after Christmas + Retail=Really Bad Time

And when I mean a really bad time, I mean you just wanna stab someone in the juggular.


This is what happened to your dear ol Eusy the day after Christmas.

Having a pretty normal day when My Asshole Of The Day (maotd) decides to show up and brighten my day. MATOD is returning some blinds that were damamged and I start looking over his receipt. I noticed that he had purchased 7 total, but was returning two. Now, I live in Kentucky, but I can count without using my fingers and toes believe it or not. As I am processing the return, I notice that the two blinds were not on the receipt, but again, there were 7 to begin with. So, using common sense, which was apparently banned sometime ago, I decide to ask MATOD if he remembered if the cashier who rang out the purchases rang each blind separatley or if they just entered a quantity. I was using my brain at that point, thinking that it was just a mistake and there were 5 of one type of blind and 2 of another, but the logic police were coming to arrest me.

And that's when the fun began.

Not only did MATOD curse the entire time, he yelled at me for asking such a logical question (logic police sirens in background). He then proceeded to yell at me because it was his contractor who came to purchase the ticket. My bad. Then he yelled at me because I am obviously a mindreader and could not answer to why the purchase was made that way. Then he proceeds to ask me why HIS contractor bought certain things on his ticket. (HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW YOU STUPID PRICK!!!!!) So, once again, Eusy got her ass reamed out.

Oh, I'm not done yet.

So, I process the return as normal and I asked him if he wanted it credited to his contractor's card or if he would like a store credit so he could get the new blinds he needed. That was the wrong thing to say. He reams me out for that also. So I give him a store credit and as I hand over his card he calls me a "little bitch" and throws a pen at me.

Oh yes, he went there.

Nothing warms my heart than to be cursed at and to be called demeaning names such as that. The only thing that disappointed me was that he didn't have the decency of using Ms or Mrs when he addressed me as one "little bitch".

So, not only are the logic gestapo racing to get me, but so was the Manager I had to call over to get the guy out of there.

So, kids! What did we learn today?

Day after Christmas + Retail=Eusy gotta choke a bitch

God I love my job...

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