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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Highlights!

First off, hello world! How ya doing today?

Secondly, at around 4pm est, my death knight, Itsirhc finally hit 80.

Lastly, an interesting short story.

So, I am at work today and was working at the return desk. A man comes in and wants to return some lumber and various pvc plastic fittings. I noticed that one of the pieces of lumber has a little bit of mud on it. I didn't worry too much about it because we could resell it really cheap as scrap.

Then I locked eyes on pure nasty.

When he placed the pvc stuff onto the counter, a counter which I had just cleaned mind you, it was nasty

Each piece was caked in what I really hoped to be mud.....


Especially when I know that we did not sell those to him in that condition, yet he felt it was okay to return them that way.


So, after calling a manager over to also re-explain to him that he could not return those in that condition, this is where I will interject my funny here.

He actually used his clean each fitting.

I almost feel dirty just laughing my ass off on the inside about it. I mean, I have a marching band and a parade going on in my head, you know, the one where they are playing like the star spangled banner with sparklers coming out of their asses, because of all the assholes and douchebags I have to deal with, this one had to do that, and pay the way he did.

Again, I "almost" feel dirty.

(tee hee)

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