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Friday, April 2, 2010

Random thoughts

To answer all those questions that some WoW gamers need answering and other thougths about myself:

Yes, ret pally, by all means, leave your righteous fury turned on. Because the tank loves it when you pull aggro off of them. You are a detriment to your class.

No, I don't enjoy having your pet/ghoul/demon on aggressive and having taunt/growl turned on. It does not help the situation.

Yes, there are the same types of players on both faction sides. Believe it or not.

No, I can keep a secret. And I even hold my word. If I say it I'm gonna do it.

Yes, you have a large epeen. The largest by far. Omg flex it even more. Wave it around for all to see.

No, I really don't care about the recount you've now asked to be posted now for the 15th time.

Yes, I can be a bitch, but only when provoked.

No, it is not a myth. Girls/women/females do play WoW and other games. Promise.

And yes, we play more than just healers....

No, I don't find it difficult to play alongside my better half.

Yes, we do fight in game, but it stays there. Why, because it is just a game. Not real life.

No, some people just don't know when to shut the hell up. Open mouth, insert foot. Some people excel at that.

Yes, some people enjoy beating the dead horse. Why, I'm not sure....

No, I don't enjoy corpse campers and 80's who can decimate lowbies. It's pointless. That is not pvp.

Yes, I love seeing the piper getting his due.

No, I actually don't enjoy fighting. Only bring out stress but I've got thick enough skin.

Yes, pvpers make better raiders. Why? Two words: situational awareness. Think about it.

No, I don't hate people. Nor am I hateful.

Yes, I hate lying, disrespectful, lowlife people.

No, I'm not quiting SAN. Just need to concentrate on MAS atm. Promise I'll be there.

Yes, I love people and love speaking and getting to know people. I love knowing their passions, strengths, weaknesses, what drives them, what makes them tick.

No, I'm the least tech savvy person. I'm lucky to have email. I tried Facebook. I lasted about two weeks. Will not try anything else. Too busy being full time mom-full time wife-working full time job to do so. I'm lucky to be playing WoW.

Yes, I can be cold, but I have to be pushed to that limit. I am compassionate, honestly.

No, none of this probably makes sense because it's like 4 in the morning lol.


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