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Monday, April 5, 2010

A case of the Mondays

LOL, Officespace, still love that movie.

Anyways, hope everyone had a great Easter. As you all may know, Noblegarden has arrived in Azeroth. I really never got into it in the past few years so I thought I would take the time and try it out for a test drive this year. I've found a great spot in Falconwing Square, Razor Hill, and Brill for spawning of eggs. And being a rabbit hippity-hopping around is so much fun, and it's cute. And still, pooping out eggs is just as much fun as watching the Cadbury bunny doing it. Not as cool because Cadbury ftw but still.

Righteous Orbs put out an excellent guide as far as night elf territory goes for egg spawning. Now I will let y'all in on my little secret and play show and tell, horde style:

To start off Noblegarden, find a commoner, such as this fine blood elf gentleman. They will give you a quest called Spring Gatherers, in which you speak to a spring gatherer in one of the cities listed on the quest.

Next, head to a city listed.

For this demonstration I shall use Eus as the guinea pig (shhh, just don't tell her).

So, here is Eus in Falconwing Square.

Speak to the spring gatherer and they will give you a quest The Great Egg Hunt. She gives you a basket to equip and you run around and gather eggs. Also, speak to the Noblegarden Merchant and they will give you a quest called A tisket, a tasket, a noblegarden basket. Basically at this point you are gathering chocolate and egg shells. The chocolate can be used in achievements and as currency. The eggs will also drop items that you could use to spend the chocolates, but they are drops instead. If you use your noodle, find a good spot to farm the eggs. I will show you the best spot in Falconwing Square, Razor Hill and Brill.

Falconwing Square:

This spot is exactly where she is facing. The eggs spawn to the left of the tree, behind the wagon where Sleyin is located, and to the left furthest away from the tree.

This is a good spot that Ruhtra found on his attempts. The eggs spawn in the fountain and under the benches. It is best to do this attempt while transformed as a bunny to see low to the ground under the benches.


This spawn point is on the left side of the inn and under the wagon.

Razor Hill:

This is a good perching spot. To the left side of the inn. Eggs spawn at several points but this advantage point is good. If you stand your toon exactly where Eus is right now, I will tell you each spot. You will see the eggs spawn in the water tank over across the way. Another spawn point is to the right of the mailbox. Another spot is to the left of these boxes. Another is in between the boxes. There is also a spot underneath the cart which will be behind you. Another spot is beyond the wagon at the cooker.

In my honest opinion the best places is Razor Hill and Falconwing Square. Best respawn timers. So, happy hunting and get your hippity-hop on with your bad self!

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