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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where to next...

As I stated before I spend at least one day over at SAN-Argent Dawn US and Eusy is still at level 20. I haven't forgotten about her, but I've picked up my druid and am curious about it. I decided to go boomy with her because it is something different that I have never tried before. So, I am approaching level 20 on my druid on SAN-Argent Dawn and I was just curious, where should I go next? I left the homeland of Teldrassil and went to Elwynn Forest and am currently in Westfall and am getting close to being finished with that zone. So, I was curious, should I go back to the homeland and head to Darkshore and finish that stuff out and then head to Ashenvale, or should I go somewhere else?

Any thoughts/advice is always appreciated. Now, time to get my post ready over at Holy Shock...take care all!

You were violently and wrongly taken from this world five years ago. You are never forgotten and I know you are still soaring with the angels. May God continue to Bless you and your children and one day we will meet again.

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