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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thoughts, ramblings, and other things inside and outside of WoW

Hello world!

Sorry that I have been slacking on the whole blogging thing but Eusy has been a bit busy lately. After being off six weeks I'm back at work full-time so that saps some of my time. I've also did as promised and have dedicated one day a week to SAN over at Argent Dawn-US. I've also been working the other 6 days over at DSpine with MAS. Along with full time mommy-hood and such, yep, I've been a little bit occupied.

In other news, my better half, Ruhtra over at Holy Shock has been asking me to contribute to his blog and I've put it off for a while but have decided to make a weekly post on Wednesdays. I think it just came down to I didn't want to give up The Suicidal Healer because I do enjoy having my own piece of work to call my own. And I just have to realize that I am contributing and that it should be considered an honor to be added to another person's blog. It is their work and they want to share so I do consider it an honor, not just because it is my hubby and all LOL.

Going back to work has put a lot of strain on me. I work four 9hr days and one 8hr day every week. Being sick took a lot out of me but going back was tough. Of course I enjoyed spending time with our son but I was really sick so spending time was challenging but great. I'm glad to be back at work and building the stamina is a work in progress but I'm getting better.

I've also noticed that some things don't change. I had two days recently where people could do nothing but curse and carry on. I actually had a father say the F-word in front of his son, who is probably my son's age, so I'd say anywhere between 5-7 yrs of age. Pretty classy, huh?

Lastly, some leveling to speak of. Eusy has made it to level 20 on AD-US. She now has her pally mount, which I gotta say, for a Draenei to be on a horse is just weird. They just look awkward sitting there. Almost like they are too big for the horse or something. Can't really put my finger on it but it just looks weird.

Three days ago I added another 80 to my stable of many alts on DSpine. Matronamorta, my Destro-Lock is coming along very nicely. When I look back, I have to say that from 1-40 it was really boring but I just decided to stick with it and see how it turned out. From then on I've pushed her to do things she should not normally do. She saw much of Blackrock in the randoms and there were a few times where she was known to tank.....don't ask. Again, things a lock should not have to do, but has proven with a damn good healer, it could be done. I have much fun with her and the gear is coming along slowly but surely and I hope that she makes Emprius proud. I tease Ruh all the time that Matrona is the apple of Emp's eye but he poo-poos it off and says that Emp would flame her face off. See, that's love right there folks!

I have more ramblings and thoughts but that will wait for another day. Until then, take care!

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