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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mixed bag of I dunno what

Well, to start off, my day at work actually went pretty well. For once, I was not cursed at, screamed at, yelled at or anything of the sorts. Now mind you, it was busy as hell, but it went by fast and that is always a good thing. Not being stressed out is a bonus. Then I come home to relax and read what's shaking on the net and low and behold.......Six Flags has filed for bankruptcy. Another one bites the dust is the only thing I can say...but there is one more thing. Where the hell was Mr. Six when ya need him most? I mean, I NEVER had him come up in his bus to whisk me away to a place of fun. So, for those of ya who know me's call......BULL****!!!!! I would call for Shenanigans...but I'm not sure if it completely qualifies for that.

Another as you all know I have been leveling my hunter, Lovkinja. She has made it to level 65. And of course, as you level you have or get new gear and dress her up and this is what I got........

Now, I ask you, does she not look like Ninja hunter?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!? I have been cracking myself up at this. Between the shoulders and the mask, it looks like serious business is coming. The only thing that would top it off would be to get a mask and a set of shoulder for dear lil Sweet Pea. Now THAT would kick most ass.

One last thing....I see that in the upcoming patch that mounts are being given at lower levels AGAIN. Now, Ruhtra and Eus don't see eye to eye with this. The only thing I will say is this....if you are at level 20 and you are now in contested zones (like our dear old Tarren Mill), I'm not gonna say that a level douchebag 80 who has nothing better to do isn't gonna run ya down. But, for the fives minutes or if you are blessed more, wouldn't it be nice to have something to ride around on? I said I didn't care if they gave me a frickin donkey to ride on at level 20, something would be nice. But I agree, it only makes thing too easy and for those old school pallies and locks who had to get theirs the old fashioned's hard on us also.

Tying this is also I read up on was about the Dark Portal and the ports to SW and Org. Now, I say you gotta at least once ride it out through the Blasted Lands and come upon the Portal. It's special, epic and makes you have the warm fuzzy feelings before you step foot in Outland. If you dabble with alts....I say who cares. We play our $15.00 different.....who cares if you use the damn portals or ride. Do what you want.

Ok, that is all for now..............Peace

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