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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EUS NOT LIKE!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I cannot even go to work and enjoy my day when, as I clock out, I check my phone and see a text message from my girl, Edyion. She had been hacked and wanted me to warn my hubby, Ruhtra as to what had happened. Well, I called him immediatley, considering I got the message only four hours later........but he had already touched base with her and all was secure as far as our two guild banks go.

But, on my ride home, the angry and bitter feelings started to swell within me. I remember when it happened to me. It is a horrible feeling. The only good thing that came from the experience of being hacked was the fact that the guild rallied around me and got me back and even better than before I was hacked.

Now, to direct my attention to those who do this lowlife sort of thing......F**k You. Yep, I said it. May you gold farming hacking sons of bitches burn in hell. Get F***ed by a chainsaw, lit on fire and dipped in lemon juice. May someone bust your balls with a ballpeen hammer and may they squish like grapes.

All I can offer Edyion, The Ivy to My Harley, you know I understand how this works and how you feel. And may karma, the universe, or whatever you wanna believe in come back around and get these bastards for what they do to innocent, WoW loving players out there.

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