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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Now that you have met me....

I believe it is time to introduce you to Eus's dysfunctional family. Hey, ya gotta put the fun in dysfunctional somewhere. Eus has many sisters, cousins, and just some crazy neighbors she has picked up along the way. This one will be unique series, only because as I explained before, my original account was hacked, so in the fear of not getting it back, I had to re-create from what I started. So, you will see alts from my original account, and their twins from a somewhat other universe or something.... Enjoy!

Today, I will start out with Eus's almost replacement, but we tell her she is Eus's understudy....her name is Odveta. Now, Odveta means retribution in another language, but again, she is Eus's "understudy", meaning she is holy also. With my original account being hacked, and me almost quitting guild and hubby convinced me not to give up. So, with me changing my mind, we got a second account up and running. With me being one of the few healers in our guild, this did put a cramp on the situation, but they never gave up on me. So, with the recruit-a-friend and lots of time, we had to level ol' Odveta in the case that we could never get the original account back. The reason I named her Odveta is simply this....I was seeing red and I was so upset, pissed off, and full of anger that some a-hole was out there, hacking accounts and crap that I was reduced to this. I had Eus at lvl 74 at the time this had happened. So, for those of you out there....if you are a South Park fan, and you know where I am going with this (cue up Live to Win here), I had a lot of boars to kill so to speak. By the time I had Odveta to lvl 35, my account was back up and running! Someday, I would like to get Odveta maxed out, but unfortunatley, that will have to be on the backburner for the time being. I feel that I haven't reached Eus's full potential and there is still more I would like to do with her.


  1. dopplegangers you shoulda just called em that :P.

  2. *Gasp* Eus and friends, EARMUFFS!!!! Don't listen to Auntie Edy....For SHAME

  3. Only you would have 2 maxed out pallies. . .well, come to think of it, I have 2 70+ pallies too. . .guess thats part of why we get along. . .