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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let me introduce myself.....

As you can see, I go by Eus. I am a level 80 Holy Paladin. I am also known in my guild as the suicidal healer. Only because I do go down with a fight and I don't look back. I am also one of the Executive Board members and one of the founding members of Mass Affluent Slayers of Daggerspine. I want to start out and say a few shout outs: to Ruhtra, my loving husband. To Fishy: Why did you leave me? (sniff sniff). And to Edyion/Tytanya: I am the Harley to Edyion's Ivy. Tytanya was also Eus's padawan. She made me proud :) I also want to say to my Ivy: I am truly honored that your blog is called Code Red. That term is only knows throughout MAS. So, if you are an ally on Daggerspine and you want some horde to dance with out in the Hillsbrad area, y'all know what to do.

Another thing you should know about me: I suffer from what is called Altitus. Meaning, one who loves alts and playing them. Y'all know who you are and you know you suffer the same thing! I have every class created. I also have 2 accounts, only because some jerk decided to hack my account and poor Eus and her siblings and neighbors were somewhere out in limbo. Took a few weeks, and another account later and I got her and her family back! So, there are more alts out there, but I like to play this game. Plus, it gives me and Ruhtra some togetherness time (Yuck yuck! Hardee har har). I have met some wonderful people on Daggerspine and hopefully continue to do so. I am proud of our guild and am always waiting to see what the future holds for MAS and myself included.

So I say, to all those holy paladins out there: Lil Eusy's got the hook up! Holla if ya hear me!


  1. Wow i cant believe you just said that last part....Ivy might have to consider a new Harley :P.

  2. HaHa!!! Yeah, right! We are a just wouldn't be the same :)

  3. I left you because I just can't handle the threat of PvP. I will probably write another blog about it. In short, PvP bothers me, but the paranoia is almost as bad. I pretty much almost completely avoided Tanaris and STV because doing so was a death wish. I enjoy now being able to level wherever I want, whenever I want, knowing I can't be ganked.

    And Holyfish can finally kick Leshif's ass ;)

    I really do miss seeing you in guild chat, I told Art if you guys ever come over to the dark side, I will hook you guys up. PvE alliance is where I belong, it was just a very difficult decision to come to.